HVAC Frequently Asked Questions

Why is my gas/refrigerant R-22 (Freon) so expensive?
Why is my water bill so high?
Is there a replacement for R-22?
Why is my water pressure to low or too high?
Why is there gas or steam coming from my heat pump and why is it so loud?
Why do I have to change my evaporator coil in my furnace and not just the outdoor unit?
I purchased my system 6-years ago from another provider. Why don't I have a parts warranty on my equipment?
Why does it take so long to get hot water to my faucet?
Why should I purchase a SEER 14.5 8.2HSPF HVAC system?
Why should I air seal before I insulate my attic or crawlspace?
Why should I pay for Preventative Maintenance?
Why would I need to purchase an Extended Labor Warranty on my new HVAC system?