Plumbing Repairs in Knoxville, TN

Residential & Commercial Plumbing

When you have plumbing problems, A1-Certified Service Inc in Knoxville, TN is here to support your needs. We provide full-service plumbing for commercial and residential plumbing, including repair and replacement. The more you wait to get that leak repaired, the more money you are losing. Your plumbing problem will be fixed immediately when you call us at (865) 691-5088. We are ready with the right tools and most parts to make your repair quick and easy.

Installation & Replacement

Regular leaks in your plumbing can be a sign that it is time to replace your pipes. Over time, pipes can corrode, rust, and decay, causing major damage to your home or building. We can give you the upgrade you need at affordable rates. We have skilled and trained plumbers familiar with the best plumbing installation and replacement practices in the industry. We will evaluate your current plumbing and make recommendations for an upgrade or fixture installation.

Signs It is Time to replace Your Plumbing

  1. Water Discoloration. If your water is coming out a dark or brown color, this is because your pipes most likely have corrosion. With time, deposits will clog pipes and build pressure making pipes burst leading to costly damages to your building.
  2. Pipe Material. If your building is older, its plumbing is made of a different material than today's pipes. Sometimes pipes can be made of lead and be highly toxic. Regardless of the material, call us to inspect and make sure your pipes are up to par.
  3. Low Water Pressure. There are a variety of factors that can lead to low water pressure whether you are in the shower or washing dishes. Issues can go from a simple clog to leaky pipes that will cause mold if not fixed quickly. Give us a call today (865) 691-5088 to provide you with effective and affordable solutions.
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